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Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights (PCDHR)

Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights (PCDHR) focuses to strengthen the concepts of Human Rights and Democracy, introduce international Human Rights standards and mechanism and promote volunteerism among youth and skill development of Human Rights Defenders.

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Specific Objectives

  • Provide in depth knowledge to enhance conceptual clarity on human rights and democracy and the international human rights standards and mechanism
  • Impart and strengthen the skills- designing and implementation of the advocacy campaigns, proposal writing, report writing, Research tools etc. to enhance the ability of the human rights defenders to work effectively.
  • Expose the participants to the institutional approaches to expand the possibility that civil society organizations function with institutional approach and ensure more systematic and transparent functioning and to follow democratic norms and values.
  • Sensitization of the human rights defenders to their role in protecting and promoting democracy and human rights.
  • Empowering and strengthening the second-tier leadership within the human rights community.
  • Building partnerships and networking among the participants and their groups
  • Planning to strategize for “putting learnings into practice” through research and advocacy initiatives.
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PCDHR consists of participatory techniques and methods which helps to develop understanding on different social subjects, provides the opportunity to interact and develop networking with people from diverse backgrounds and from different parts of the country. It also provides an opportunity to learn about different ways and forums to highlight different social issues, helps to practice the democratic values and respect of human beings and provides the opportunity to learn from renowned experts of different social subjects.

PCDHR is designed for human rights defenders and educators working with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and the students of the Social Science Departments (Sociology, Political Science, Gender Studies, International Relations, Mass Communications etc.), the officials of different state institutions, media and other civil society groups. Candidates belong to religious minorities and women are strongly encouraged to apply.

CHRE believes in participatory learning approaches therefore the indoor and outdoor sessions/activities of the course are conducted in participatory methodology to enhance the understanding of the participants on the concepts of democracy and human rights and to enhance their skills to work effectively as human rights defenders.

PCDHR is a three-week course that consists of two modules and the trainees are required to attend both modules. At the completion of both modules, the trainees shall be awarded a certificate and shall be called the Alumni of CHRE. Please note that the second Module of PCDHR shall be held after 3 – 4 months of 1st Module. However, the trainees shall remain involved in the follow-up initiatives on regular basis to make sure that the learnings are put into practice.

PCDHR is an intensive learning program and puts strong emphasis on “Putting Learnings into Practice” therefore the trainees shall be required to develop and implement an individual plan to ensure that the learnings are put into practice.

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Course Fee

There is NO COURSE FEE and CHRE will cover the expense of tuition, program materials, accommodation, and meals ONLY for the selected participants.

However, please note that all the participants or their organizations will bear their travel costs.