A Christian minor and unsound mind girl jailed for blasphemy in Pakistan

An 11-eleven-year minor Christian girl named Rimsha has been accused of blasphemy and arrested for burning pages of the Holy Quran in Islamabad on August 16, 2012.
Miss Rimsha, 11, mentally retarded was residing at Hameera abadi, sector G-8, Islamabad with a sizeable number of Christians, and was collecting used papers from the garbage for night cooking as there is no gas connections and poor people depend on burning wood. When, after sunset she was burning the copies of newspapers, collected from the garbage, a Muslim lady entered her house and started shouting that Ramsha is burning the papers from holy Quran.
At that time her elder sister, Mashal, 14, was at home and her father and mother were out for their work. At this moment both sisters told the Muslim crowd, which was gathered after listening the shouting from Muslim lady, that the papers were from garbage and those are from newspapers but the crowd started beating them and suddenly their mother also arrived and she was also beaten. The other Christian residents also tried to settle the issue but they were beaten as well. Both sisters and her mother received injuries and in the meanwhile the owner of the house, a Muslim man, arrived and called the police in an effort to save the Christians.
Police took the mother and her two daughters into custody. A first information report (FIR) was filed in the Ramna police station in which Miss Rimsha was made the main accused of blasphemy. But police arrested all the three. Seeing the tension in the area as Muslim activists on the instigation from the mosques started attacking and burning the Christian houses, Ramna police immediately sent the minor to the notorious Adiala prison and kept her mother and sister in the women police station for some time. When activists tried to gather outside the Ramna police station, the police shifted both mother and sister to some unknown place and according to police this action was taken for their safety. But the father of the victims and other Christians are suspicious and it was accused that both mother and daughter have been taken away by some militants.
The Christians from different slums areas of the Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, have started leaving their communities and apprehend that their houses would be attacked and burned. The Islamabad administration has yet not taken any action to protect the Christian population.
It is also accused by Christian population that some powerful persons want to grab the Christian dominated areas for commercial purposes and use by Muslim activists.
Mr. Samson Salamat, Director Centre for Human Rights Education has strongly condemned the blasphemy allegations against the minor Christian.
Mr. Samson Salamat has said that “this incident has raised the sense of insecurity among the members of minority communities and those who work and believe on human rights, and particularly oppose blasphemy and other discriminatory laws and policies”.
He further added that "the Blasphemy Laws has been a leading source of institutionalized persecution of religious minorities and has contributed the most to foster a climate of hatred, discrimination and violence in the name of religion. Blasphemy Laws have lead to the attacks on the religious minorities, forced migration, and even extra-judicial murders of the both Muslim and members of the Muslim communities.
We have lost icons like Salman Taseer, Shahbaz Bhatti and many others just due to this draconian law but unfortunately it is not yet over. The recent barbaric incident of the burning of a blasphemy accused alive in district Bahawalpur shows the height of religious intolerance in Pakistan and the failure of the writ of the state”.
Source: Asian Human Rights Commission