What does CHRE stand for?

CHRE is the acronym for Centre for Human Rights Education.

Why CHRE was established?

The establishment of the Centre for Human Rights Education- Pakistan was the initiative of a relatively young cadre of Pakistani human rights defenders and educators on the basis of the need that the Pakistani civil society requires a systematic, result oriented and sustainable capacity building to deal with the grey areas within the civil society which is essential for its struggle for democracy and human rights in the country.

Is CHRE a capacity-building organization?

CHRE is basically a training institute for human rights defenders and therefore focuses on the capacity building of the human rights defenders through long duration courses on human rights and democracy which are followed by research and advocacy initiatives.

What type of courses are offered by CHRE?

CHRE normally offers courses of three weeks duration which are held in 2 phases. It has so far launched �Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights� and plans to launch two more courses on gender equality and religious tolerance.

Who is eligible to participate in the courses offered by CHRE?

The courses are mainly designed for human rights activists/defenders and educators working with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). In a limited number of cases, Candidates from other types of organizations involved in human rights education, such as government-run human rights institutions and educational institutions are also considered.

How can we get informed about the courses offered by CHRE?

Please keep on visiting our website http//chrepak.org or send us an email for inquiry at chrepak@gmail.com