Stop Compromise

Stop Compromise

Angry mob in Sialkot killed two innocent youths with the consent of the police officials present at the scene reportedly, on August 15, 2010. Two brothers named Moiz Butt (18) and Muneeb But (16) were brutally tortured to death by the angry mob while the police was not only present but assisted the mob in the killing.

This was not just a killing made by the angry mob but it was a brutal escapade of series of tortures, beating them with sticks, metalic rods, bricks, stones, and what ever thing was available and then dragging them, tied to a tractor shamelessly led by policemen, on the roads of the city.

The crime, for which they were subjected to such a barbaric punishment, was that they were somehow alleged to be robbers.

Peaceful medical student protesters in Bahawalpur baton charged by the police

The police tortured the girls students of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur when they staged a peaceful protest for their demands.