Rwadari Tehreek expresses serious concerns over the presence of Daesh (IS) Militants and

calls for the Effective and Fully Implementation of “National Action Plan” –

Rwadari Tehreek, is a non-violent social movement which has been initiated by concerned citizens of Pakistan to counter religious extremism, intolerance and terrorism and to promote the respect of all types of diversity including religious diversity, religious tolerance and to bridge gap between the people of different faiths and religions and different walks of life.  

The Core Team of Rwadari Tehreek held a meeting in Lahore Today- 31 December 2015 which was presided over by the Chairman Rwadari Tehreek Mr. Samson Salamat and Central President Mr. Abdullah Malik while other office bearers and members including Mr. Deedar Ahmed Mirani (Vice Chairman of Rwadari Tehreek), Ms. SabiraAsmat (President of Rwadari Tehreek Lahore),  Mr. KhamisChaudhary (Vice President Rwadari Tehreek Lahore), Ms. AroomaShahzad (General Secretary of Rwadari Tehreek Lahore), Ms. KomalPatras (Secretariat Incharge of Rwadari Tehreek) Mr. Imran Yousuf, Mr. Naveed Raphael, and Mr. Adoo Ram participated in the meeting.   
All the office bearers and members of Rwadari Tehreek during the meeting expressed serious concerns about the presence of the IS militants in the country and demanded the immediate concrete measures for the full fledge implementation of 20 Points of National Action Plan.
The Counter Terrorism Department claimed on Monday (28 December) according to the Media reports that it had busted a cell of the militant Islamic State group operating in Sialkot, arrested eight suspects and seized weapons, explosives and laptops, as well as a large number of compact discs containing publicity material. The suspects belong to different districts of Punjab, but Sialkot served as the base of their operations.  These militants dislike democracy and had vowed to overthrow democracy through armed struggle while they hate police and Pakistan Army.
Addressing the meeting Mr. Samson Salamat said that this is a highly alarming situation and therefore Rwadari Tehreek calls upon the Government, State Institutions responsible for the safety and security of the citizens, and the political forces to seriously look into the issue of militancy, extremism and terrorism and make concrete short term and long terms strategies to counter the militant groups who are killing innocent people and continuously challenging the sovereignty of our land and conspiring against the democratic system of our country”.

Abdullah Malik said that “the policy of denial is never a solution and therefore the government and the other stake-holders must accept the realities and concrete measures should be taken to ensure the safety and security of the citizens”.

During the meeting the members and office bearers of Rwadari Tehreek made following demands to counter terrorism and religious extremism:

  • stern action should be taken against the terrorists and militant outfits wherever they exist without any recognition of good or bad.   
  • The hideouts and Training Centers of the militant outfits should be targeted where they are training youth for terrorist acts.
  • The access of the militant outfits to the educational institutions should be checked and banned.
  • The financing of the terrorist groups should be checked strictly and stopped.  
  • All those individuals who are supporting the militants and terrorists openly or secretly should be held accountable.
  • A very comprehensive border security plan should be formulated to control the foreign terrorists for entering in Pakistan and using our soil for terrorist activities.
  • The ban on hate speech should be implemented in letter and spirit and all those found in spreading hate speech through print or electronic media or through loud speakers should be apprehended.
  • The syllabus of the educational institutions needs to be thoroughly checked and the material which spreads hate on religious, sectarian or any other basis should be eliminated from the curriculum.
  • All those laws which are being misused to instigate people for violence in the society should be revisited. 
  • Government, media, civil society and other stake-holders should initiate awareness campaigns to promote Rwadari amongst the people, especially among the youth.


Rwadari Tehreek in its meeting also announced to observe the “2016 as a Year for Rwadari” in Pakistan and Tehreek will organize programs all over the country to promote Rwadari in the society and shall continue to raise voice against religious extremism, intolerance and terrorism and demand from the Government for the Effective Implementation of National Action Plan.