Peace Conference at Sialkot

A Peace Conference was held at the Hall of Chamber of Commerce. Conference- Sialkot which began with the reciting
of Holy Quran. Doctor Abdul Shakur    Mirza    welcomed CHRE’s  Caravan   and Muhammad Arslan in a few words introduced CHRE and the objectives of Rawadari Caravan.  The Peace Conference  was  participated the prominent personalities of Sialkot  while  approximately 160 were the participants.
Mr. Samson Salamat in his speech thanked for the hospitality and encouragement given by Sialkot community and said that “Peace is what we want and is the need of time. But we don’t see peace in any corner of Pakistan. We believe that every religion teaches peace. But it’s sad that people are doing violence in the name of religion.
Mr. Samson added that “it’s time for us to stand up now and tell the whole world that we live in the land of Sufis who gave the message of peace. We have come here with the
message of peace. Here, I appreciate every individual who has come out of their home for peace.”

Peer Syed Bashir Ahmad Gillani said that “No one has the right to kill anyone in the name of religion and those who are doing violence in the name of religion, they are not
benefiting anyone, neither state, nor religion. I request do not destroy our country.”

Abdullah Malik said that “I am glad that even our women are now taking part to promote peace and our youth is passionate to work for peace and therefore I am hopeful that peace will come.”

Zulfiqar Ghori MPA (PML-N) said that “Every religion teaches love and peace. And Pakistani people want to live in peace and harmony. Which will be possible through individual conducts of tolerance.”

Chacha Cricket said that “I have learnt in my life to be a good person before being a religious person because if you are a good person, you will never do evil in the name of religion. I am proud that I am Pakistani.”

Mr. Salman Abid said that “Extremism is the biggest enemy of peace and tolerance.  It is the outcome of our weak educational foundations. First we need to fight extremism to establish peace.”

Members of Rwadari Caravan were also given chance to share their views:

Fazli Malik from FATA said that “I am from FATA and my region is facing religious base violence since long time. Now it is the time for us to come forward to practice peace and tolerance.”

Dileep Doshi from Sindh said that “First we need to understand that why our country is going through religious violence and only then we will be able to bring peace.”

Arham Abtahi from Cheechawatni said that “Women should also come out to promote peace. Establishing peace would take time but it will be established one day for sure. In last moments of Press Conference an Oath for Peace was taken.”

In the end Rwadari Caravan members visited the birth place of Allama Mohammed Iqbal, the National Poet of Pakistan and the Sikh Temple.