Rwadari Festival

On 13th March, 2015 Rwadari Festival started in Public School Sukkur Auditorium with complete spirit of Religious harmony and with the message of religious tolerance. This was the main and mega event of Rwadari caravan spreading beautiful message of peace and religious tolerance.
More than 1000 people from Sukkur along with participants of caravan participated in this festival.  The participants included majority of youth from schools and colleges. Other distinguished guests and speakers were Syed KhursheedAhmed Shah (Opposition Leader- National Assembly of Pakistan), Mr. Wilson Lee (Senior Program Officer- NED-South Asia) NasrullahBaloch (MPA-Sindh), SainRakhiyoMirani (DIG Sindh Police) Jami Chandio,  Noor Muhammad  Bajeer (CSSP Director), Abrash Pasha (Human Rights Activist), SanamFaqeer (Representating transgender community) , BushraAraien , Mustafa Baloch (Director SPO Hyderabad) and Samson Salamat (Chief organizer of Rwadari Caravan & Director of Centre for Human Rights Education). The guests and speakers of the Festival were welcomed by presenting Sindhi ajrak and topi (cap).
While expressing views Opposition Leader, Pakistan National AssemblySyed KhursheedAhmed Shah said “it is highly appreciating step taken by CHRE and PEHAL  Pakistan. He said that it is not only the duty of Civil Society but this duty also lies upon the shoulders of society and political parties.”  While emphasizing on the need of peace he quoted several examples of Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon him) when he showed mercy on his enemies.
Mr Jami Chandio said that it is not only a sudden happening that Pakistani society has converted into savage society. The responsibility of turning this peace loving society laid on State who is spending its resources on ammunition and war rather than to spend on education and health. He also said that syllabus needs to be change. It should be based on true history and teachings of Sufis and it should be included into the syllabus.
Mr. Deedar Ahmed thanked all the participants of the festivalfor pluralizing the efforts take for peace by PAHEL and CHRE.
Mr. Samson Salamat that Sindh for their warm welcome and love and said that today you have shunned off and rejected hatred and are with peace and your encouragement have strengthened our hope and struggle of establishing peace.
Theater play, tableau, sufimusic, panel discussion, Oath for Peace Ceremony,speech competition on the topic “How peace is Possible?” and award distribution ceremony were part of Rwadari Festival.