Rally in connection with International Human Rights Day

Human Rights Defenders gathered for a Rally in front of Hyderabad Press Club from different parts the country for a rally in connection with International Human Rights Day under the auspices of Centre for Human Rights Education has expressed grave concerns on the dismal situation of human in the country and has demanded the urgent attention of the government, state institutions, political parties and all other state holders to pay attention before the situation goes out of control completely. 
The rally which began from Gari Khata and ended up in front of the Hyderabad Press Club was led by Mr. Samson Salamat, Director of the Centre for Human Rights Education. Renowned human rights defenders Mr. Veer Ji Kohli Advocate, Ms. Rukshanda Sheikh (Hyderabad), Ms. Seema Memon (Hyderabad), Mr. Umair Ahmed (Toba Tek Singh), Ms. Almas Swera (Faisalabad, Ms. Tanzeela Sehar (Sailkhot), Mr. Imdad Channa (Sanghar) ,Mr. Rashid Bashir Chatta (Gujranwala), Ms. Tanzeela Saher (Sailkhot), Mr. Inam ul Haq (Lower Dir), Mr. Burhan Ali (Mardan) and others participated in the rally. 
The human rights defenders at this occasion raised various human rights issues especially expressed their worries about the growing violence in the name of religion due to religious extremism and fundamentalism, growing incidents of discrimination and violence against women and religious minorities, attack on the media, killings of journalists and human rights defenders and arbitrary arrests, forced disappearances and extra judicial killings in the country. 
The participants of the rally chanted slogans against the human rights violations and demanded that 
• The government should immediately make the National Commission on Human Rights functional which has been a longtime demand of the civil society in conjunction with the international human rights standards. 
• Stern action should be taken against those state and non-state actors involved in the forced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and extra-judicial killings in Baluchistan, Sindh and other parts of the country. Hence all the missing persons should be produced immediately and compensation should be made to the affected families. 
• New legislation and implementation of existing laws should be done to end violence against women and girls. Women’s human rights should be protected by all means and state and its institutions are fully responsible. 
• Concrete measures are required to provide safe environment to the religious minorities whose lives and properties have been at risk due to the growing influence of the religious extremist forces and the Blasphemy Laws which has always been used to persecute the religious minorities. Effective measures and legislation is also required to stop forced conversion of the women and girls belonging to minority communities. 
• Safety and security of the individuals and groups working for the protection and promotion of human rights should be ensured.