Rallyagainst Punjab Local Body Government (Amended) Ordinance

CHRE=Pak along with the minority communities protested in front of the Punjab Assembly for withdrawing ‘anti-minorities’ Punjab Local Government Ordinance (Amended). There were approximately 1000 people who participated in the protest.

The members of the minority communities demanded the government to withdraw Punjab Local Government Ordinance 2015 which does not give right to the voters of minority communities to elect their representatives through their direct vote in the local government system.

The protest was led by all the head of the minority community. A large number of political, social and human right activists participated in the protest to support the demand of the withdrawal of the ordinance.

Addressing the protestors, Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw said “we are highly disturbed with this latest attack on our rights that we as a voter have been deprived to elect our own representative through our direct vote in the local government elections. The ordinance is clearly a political apartheid and has added to the deprivation of those Pakistanis who belong to the religious minorities like Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and others. Therefore we demand from the Punjab Government to withdraw this ordinance to ensure the effective representation of religious minorities in the local government system.”

People shouted against the Punjab government and were holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the government. The protest continued for one and half hour.