Orientation Session in Ghotki- Sindh

Orientation sessions were held in those districts where the Coordination Committee was able to make the Rwadari Group. Following are the details of Orientation sessions.

On 17th September, 2015 orientation session was held with the members of Rwadari Tehreek at Ghotki, one of the remote district ofNorthSindh with a lot of presence of religious extremist elements. The session was hosted by Mr. ZahidBhangar and a briefing on the aims and objectives of Rwadari Tehreek was done by Mr. Deedar Ahmed Mirani, one of the founder members of Rwadari Tehreek and CEO of PAHEL- Pakistan.

At this occasionMr. Samson Salamatsaid that Pakistan is facing a lot of problems but one of the most serious problems in Pakistan and particularly North Sindh is the growing religious extremism and intolerance which needs to be addressed urgently and seriously.

RWADARI Tehreek has been initiated to counter religious extremism and terrorism in the name of religion and we invite people of different faiths and religions and other walks of life to join hands to defeat it.

Mr. Jamal Shah, a local social activist said that “Hindu and Christian community should be respected in the same way like Muslim community”. Mr. Jamal Shah suggested to organize community level meetings at the grass roots and to expand the scope of the respect of all human beings; and also there isneed to conduct meetings and sessions with minority communities.

Mr. RaufParasDayo appreciated the efforts taken by the organizations involved in the Rwadari Tehreek and said that “Rwadari Tehreek has been launched to promote human rights in the society; I would appreciate the participants for being here. There is need of RWADARI because now we are facing intolerance in all the aspects of life not only in religious matters.

Religious intolerance is growing and people have been killed in the name religion, and suicide attacks are also growing day by day; people are being brain washedto create those extremists. People must stop listening to unethical things from those religious leaders who create intolerance in the society.
In the end of the session Rwadari Tehreek Ghotki leadership was elected:

  • Pattern:                                               RaufParasDayo
  • President:                                            SaminaNaz
  • Vice President:                                    Rab Nawaz Lund
  • District Coordinator:                           ZahidBhangar













Orientation Session of Rwadari Tehreek in Shikarpur- Sindh:
Orientation Session of Rwadari Tehreek was held Shikarpur at Press Club on 18th September, 2015 which was hosted by Mr. Agha Saeed (Social Activist and Government employee). The resource persons of the orientation session were Mr. Samson Salamat Director Centre for Human Rights Education (CHRE) and Mr. Deedar Ahmed MiraniCEO PAHEL Pakistan and local social and political leadership.

Addressing the Orientation Session,Mr. Altaf Ahmed Memon said that “this is a very good step taken by Centre for Human Rights Education and its sister organizations because there is need of RWADARI in every phase of life because we have to stop religious extremism and counter the activities performed by the terrorist and extremists.”
ProfessorBadar Din Hakro appreciated the efforts of the members of Rwadari Tehreek and shared his personal experiences. He said “I am giving you the example of my life that my son has changed his sect and tried to convince me to join the same sect which he has joined but I denied and said that you will maintain your faith and my faith is at my side. He has used all the practices of that sect in the home and I do my own, I have left him free to do what his sect say and you are free to practice all praying ethics of your sect. Being a Muslim I trust Allah and Allah said that your religion is at your side and my religion is at my side; you are free to do your religious practices and I am free to do my own.
After the Question and Answer session, following were chosen as the leadership of Rwadari Tehreek, Shikarpur.

  • Pattern:                                  Agha Saeed
  • President:                               Amjad Ali Jalbani
  • Vice President:                       SheerazShahzadSolangi
  • District Coordinator:             Ghulam Mustafa Marfani





Orientation Session of Rwadari Tehreek in Jacobabad- Sindh:
Orientation session was held inJacobabad of Sindh Province on 20th September, 2015. Most of the participants were from development sectors and belonging to local CSOs/CBOs. CHRE Alumni NadeemBahrani hosted the session and in the beginning explained about the aims and objectives of Rwadari Tehreek.

Mr. Deedar Ahmed Mirani (CEO PAHEL Pakistan) thanked the participants and the organizations for providing space to conduct the session and for providing a chance to interact with the people.

“we are facing many threats in our daily life and this situation shows that the root of insecurity in Pakistan is terrorism. Therefore, there is a need to stop the extremism and intolerance and we had to launch the RWADARI Tehreek, by taking part in this Tehreek everyone can contribute in bringing peace in our society.”

Mr. Samson Salamat said that our world consist of all types of diversity. Everyone may be different in religion, language, race, nationality, color and customs; there are more than 6000 languages spoken in all over the world, there are many religions e.g. Islam, Buddhist, Christians and many others, there are cultural differences which means this world is full of diversity. Similarly in Pakistan there is a lot of diversity- 95% Muslims, 5% Minorities, 32 Languages are spoken and there are manycultural difference.

Diversity is a beauty of any region/country, still they all have same respect for each other, and we have to respect other religion and other differences, if we don’t do it that will create extremism.

This condition is now here in Pakistan but also elsewhere, innocent people are being killed, violations of human rights have grown. Rwadari Tehreek has been launched to enhance the scope of respect of diversity to counter the extremist mindset.

In the end of the Session following were chosen as District Shikarpur leadership for Rwadari Tehreek.

  • Muhammad Jan Odhano                    Pattern
  • SaimaGulMirani                                  President
  • HidayatullahLashari                            Vice President
  • NadeemBahrani                                  District Coordinator












Orientation Session In District Kashmore
Orientation Session of Rwadari Tehreek was held on 20th September, 2015 at Tangwani district Shikarpur, which was participated by approximately 50 participants of the local civil society, religious, social and political.

Local social activist Mr.Niaz Ahmed Khoso organized and hosted the Orientation session in Tangwaani while Mr. Samson Salamat, Ms. GulJumani, Mr. Deedar Ahmed Mirani and local religious leaders addressed the session and briefed about Rwadari Tehreek and its importance.