Press conferenceagainst Local bodies Ordinance 2015

On 5th October, 2015 a press conference was arranged by Mr. Samson Salamat headed by the Archbishop Mr. Sebastian Francis Shaw (head of Catholic Church in Punjab) after mobilizing the leadership of minorities. Prominent religious, social and political leadership of minorities demanded the immediate repeal of the Punjab Local Government (Amended) Ordinance 2015, as they said it was anti-minorities because it did not allow voters of minorities to elect their own representative at the lowest tier of the democratic system.

The Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw said, “the ultimate goal of any democratic system is people’s empowerment, especially the uplift of the weaker communities of the society, but unfortunately the Punjab Local Government (Amended) Ordinance 2015 promulgated by the Punjab government practically gives more power to the powerful and weakens the already weak marginalized communities of our communities of our society, especially the religious minorities who are already discriminated on the basis of religion in many ways”. He added. “Why this kind of system is being introduced only in Punjab because in other provinces of our country the minorities have the right to elect their representatives directly and therefore the Punjab Government needs to revisit its policy towards the rights of religious minorities. Our community is highly disturbed and we consider the ordinance as discriminatory and political apartheid”.

Pastor ShahidMiraj appealed to all political parties, civil society and representatives of print and electronic media for their support against this injustice being done with the minority community in Punjab through this Ordinance.