Launching Ceremonies of Rwadari Tehreek


Launching Ceremony of Rwadari Tehreek in Lahore

The launching ceremony of Rwadari Tehreek was held at Hamdard Center Lahore on August 11, 2015, a day commemorated as National Minority day in Pakistan. The Rwadari Tehreek’s launching ceremony was participated by approximately 300   women, men and trans-genders including prominent social, religious and political personalities.
The Launching ceremony was chaired by Justice (Retired) NasiraJavedIqbal and the speakers and prominent guests included Mr. Mufti AqeelPirzada (Chairman UlemaAman Committee- Pakistan), PanditBhagatLalKhokhar (Pandit of BalmikMandir), Mr. Sohail Ahmed Raza (Director Interfaith, Minhaj-ul-Quran), Mr. Abdullah Malik (President Civil Society Network), Ms. Amna Malik (President ARMAAN Organization), Ms. BushraArain (President- All Pakistan Lady Health Workers Association), Ms. TahiraUrooj (Youth Activist), Mr. Muhammad Shahzad Khan (Executive Director CDA) and Mr. Samson Salamat (Director of Centre for Human Rights Education-Pakistan and one of the founders of Rwadari Tehreek)
Mr. Fahad Ahmed, a volunteer from Government College University and CHRE Alumni Aroon Kumar, hosted the launching ceremony. 
In his inaugural speech, Mr. Samson Salamat said that “I warmly welcome you all to the launching ceremony of Rwadari Tehreek. As you all know that extremism and terrorism is one of the main problems of our country and due to this we have lost thousands of precious lives and generally we are living a threatened life.
In such a scenario we all need to be united and have to stand together to end this menace which has effected all the citizens of the country but especially those who belong to the minority communities and this is the reason that symbolically we are launching Rwadari Tehreek on National Minority Day.
The best way to counter terrorism is to play our role as citizen of this country to decrease hatred and violence and this is message of Rwadari Tehreek. People from different walks of life have become the part of Rwadari Tehreek. I welcome you all to be a part of this movement and contribute in this Tehreek.”
Mr. Shehzad Khan (Director CDA) said that “I salute all the leaders who gave their efforts in the making of Pakistan. Our youth is the precious asset of this country but we need to focus and invest on them to have a bright future. Quaid has given us a vision and it is our responsibility to follow that vision.
Rwadari Tehreek is a suitable platform to talk about discrimination in our country which is faced by all of us. The National Action Plan’s 20 points are very important and we need to support that and remind our government to implement. The point of banning of hate speech is one good thing and it’s our responsibility that we should stop the hate speech. I thank CHRE-Pak for making us a part of this movement.” 
MissTahiraArooj (Youth Activist) said that “Pakistan was made on the vision of its founders but today our practices are completely opposite. Therefore we need to revive those practices which promoted peace and harmony.” 
Mufti AqeelPeerzada (ChairmanUlemaAman Committee Pakistan) said that “Pakistan was made a state for all the people where everyone could practice their respective religion but it was later on divided on the basis of faith, religion, cast politically and on citizenship basis. The height of hatred is very high now that people don’t even think before killing the innocents. There are rights for the Non-Muslims in the Islamic Religion too and we need to think about it and should promote love.” 
Mr. Abdullah Malik (President Civil Society Network) said that “I would like to congratulate Mr. Samson Salamat and his team for all their efforts. There is a lot of difference in what Quaid said and what our people are following. If we consider what Quaid said we will realize that Pakistan was supposed to be the country for all and all will be free here. The Creator is for all not for Muslims only. It is our duty to forward the message of love to the people. Keep this in mind thatSP Singah, the speaker of Punjab Assembly at the time of partition voted for Pakistan and as a result Pakistan was created. We have been working and will be working for the cause of promoting tolerance among the people of different faiths and therefore we welcome you all to be with us to have a better future.”
Mr. BhagatLal (PanditBalmikMandir)said that “Pakistan is a multi-religious country as we all know and if we remain divided we will be prone to downfall. We need to stay united and that can only happen if we stop thinking negative about each other and accept the people of other faiths as human beings and live with harmony.” 
Professor Kalyan Singh Kalyansaid that “I would like to congratulate Mr. Samson Salamat and his team who is working for this great cause. Minorities in Pakistan have been discriminated and there is a lot of hate material against minorities. Minorities do not have jobs and all these things are disturbing. It is only from the group of minorities who talk about peace and tolerance. Minorities just want their right and accepting them as a human being with love is one of their right.
Mr. Sohail Ahmed Raza (Director Interfaith, Minhaj-ul-Quran) said that “today is the day to pay tribute to the leaders of our nation. We all are a nation and we need to be united to defeat terrorism. This we can do by changing our behaviors towards each other.”
Ms. BushraArain (President All Pakistan Lady Health Workers Association) said that “we are with Rwadari Tehreek as we polio workers are also victim of target killing. In the polio campaign many lives have been lost. but we never stopped as we love our country and the people too. Our association has women from different religions but we treat them equal. When God doesn’t discriminate then why should we?.
AllamaYousafAwansaid that “Islam gives the message of peace and love for all. We cannot force others to believe what we believe as there is no compulsion in the religion. Holy Quran says that killing a single person is equal to killing the whole humanity while saving a life is like saving the whole humanity. Therefore, it is important to be united in order to fight against terrorism and extremism.”
Justice Retired NasiraIqbal concluded the ceremony by sharing her thoughts and said that “it is an honor for me that Samson Salamat invited me to chair this ceremony and I agree with the Charter of Demand of Rwadari Tehreek and hope that Quaid’s sayings can be seen in practice.
This country is not only for Muslims. Remember the golden words said by Quaid “Unity, Faith and Discipline.” We need to follow this and include it in the daily life. Pakistan is made by the minorities and so we all living here are minorities. We need to put our efforts and need to compete in the work of virtue and then will see how far we will be able to go. ”

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Launching Ceremony in Gujranwala
On 5th August, 2015, with the collaborative efforts of Center for human Rights education and Al-Rehmat Welfare Society, Rwadari Tehreek was launched inGujranwala. Approximately 90 men and women participated in the launching ceremony of Rwadari Tehreek.
The speakers who participated in the Launching ceremony included Mr. Syed Awan (District Coordinator HRCP Gujranwala), Mr. MushtaqBadal (Leader Pakistan People’s Party and Vice President of Labor wing), Mr. RiazMato (Chairman of AnjumanHaqooq-e-Akliyat), Dr. Muhammad Haleem (Assistant Director, Arts Council Gujranwala), Mr. Haji Abdul Rauf Mughal (Social Activist) and Mr. Samson Salamat (Director of Center for Human Rights Education).
The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Rashid Bashir Chatha, an Alumni of CHRE and member of Coordination Committee of Rwadari Tehreek.
Mr. Samson Salamat, while addressing to the participants of Rwadari Tehreek said that “today Pakistan is a victim of many problems and the biggest of all seems to be terrorism and extremism on the basis of religion and faith. We can see many examples of extremism in our surroundings.  In order to counter the extremist mindsets Rwadari Tehreek has been initiated to spread the message of tolerance and coexistence.  
Mr. Syed Awan (District Coordinator of HRCP Gujranwala) said while sharing his views that Rwadari Tehreek will hopefully be successful. By giving the reference of the movement of independence he said that we should support this Rwadari Tehreek with great enthusiasm as it is the need of the hour.
Mr. MushtaqBadal (leader Pakistan People’s Party and vice-president of Labor’s wing) said that human beings have divided themselves on the basis of religion and faith which have always led to fights. He said “we need to end up all these fights and differences. It is the right of every human being to go to their worship place for their own peace. All human beings are equal and love is for all.”
Mr. RiazMato (Chairman of AnjumanHaqooq-e-Akliyat) said that “Pakistani society has been peaceful and tolerant but for last couple of years intolerance has grown so much. We have to counter the factors causing intolerance and extremism. 
Dr. Muhammad Haleem (Assistant director Arts Council Gujranwala) said that “hatred should be eliminated completely from the societyand an atmosphere of tolerance shouldbe promoted and everyone’s right be secured and the society should be made peaceful.”
Haji Abdul Rauf Mughal (Social Activist) said that “I feel very happy by seeing people from all walks of life being here for Rwadari Tehreek. Our youth should thoroughly support Rwadari Tehreek and we too should do the same to take this Tehreek to another level.”
In the end of the Launching ceremony, Rwadari Tehreek’s interim body for Gujranwala district was made. 

  • District President: Mr. Rana Muhammad Israel Advocate.
  • Vice-President: Ms. Sana Davis
  • District Coordinator: Mr. Rashid Bashir Chatha.

This interim body decided that it shall be meeting monthly and shall be mobilizing people for more membership of Rwadari Tehreek. This interim body shall voluntarily be taking Rwadari Tehreek ahead in the district.


Launching Ceremony in Khanewal
Rwadari Tehreek was launched in Khanewal on 28th August, 2015 at TMA Hall Khanewal. Hundreds of people participated in this ceremony. The chief guests of the ceremony included some renowned personalities of South Punjab region.  A warm welcome was given to all the guests by the participants and natives of the area while Mr. MunirAnjum and Mr. Rizwan Harry hosted the ceremony. 
Ms. AsmatSabira (President Rwadari Tehreek- Lahore) and Saima Ali (President Rwadari Tehreek Multan) defined that how women can play their role to propagate the message of Rwadari. Rwadari Tehreek members from Multan RanaIrfan and Salman QureshiAdvocate shared their experiences about Rwadari Tehreek in Multan.
Muhammad Zahid Bashir (PLYC) told the importance of interfaith harmony in the light of the Holy Quran while Jacob Wazir (Headman of Shantinagar) announced his support for Rwadari Tehreek in Khanewal.
MianAjmal Abbas (General Secretary Chemist and Druggist Union and Chairman Aman Committee Khanewal District) told the reciprocal of intolerance and how we can eliminate it from the society.
BushraAdeal (Ex-District Council of Tehsil MianChannu) described that this movement for peaceful co-existent is need of the hour for Pakistan while MolanaMorsleen expressed the role of clergy in the peaceful co-existent of Pakistan and also shared his role and experience about eliminating the hatred thoughts among Muslims and Christians.
Hanif Muto (Advocate and Social Activist- MianChannu) offered his advocacy service voluntarily for Rwadari Tehreek in Khanewal. HabibUllah Khan Niazi (Ex- MPA) announced his full support for Rwadari Tehreek in Khanewal
Pastor Abdul Masih (Christian Religious Leader- General Secretary Universal Gospel Assemblies Punjab) highlighted the role of Christians in Pakistani movement for creation of Pakistan and how they supported when time was tough for Muslims and now Christians are standing for the progress of Pakistan being a nation.
Mr. Samson Salamat, highlighted the importance of peace from different religions and reasons of initiative of Rwadari Tehreek in Pakistan.
Following were elected as the leadership ofRawadari Tehreek in Khanewal district:

  • HabibUllah Khan Niazi                    (Patron)
  • RizwanShoukat                                 (President)
  • Munir ul Anjum                                                (Vice-President)
  • MolanaMorsaleen                           (District Coordinator)
  • Shumaila Nathaniel                         (Vice-District Coordinator)

Launching Ceremony of Rwadari Tehreek in Muzaffargarh:
On 27th August, 2015 Rwadari Tehreek was launched inMuzafargard, SouthPunjab. Om-e-KalsoomSeyal, the Chief Organizer of the Ceremony warmly welcomed all the participants of the ceremony who came from different sects and communities including Muslims, Christians, Hindus, etc.
Director of Centre for Human Rights Education- Pakistan,Mr. Samson Salamat  appreciatedMs. Omm-e-KalsoomSeyal and her entire team for organizing such a wonderful event for Rawadari movement.
He said that despite rich in natural resources we are going downwards and one of the reasons is growing religious extremism and intolerance in the society. Unfortunately people are being slaughtered in the name of religion which is one of the main causeof hurdles in our prosperity.
The menace of terrorism and extremism has threatened our society and our lives are at stake. Especially the vicious incident of Army Public School leveled threatening impact on our minds. In order to counter this situation Rwadari Tehreek has been launched to promote peaceful coexistence in the Pakistani society.
Syed Gulzar Abbas Naqvi recalled sacrifices given by Muslims and minorities for the creation of this beloved country and emphasized over the need of patience amongst different sects of the Muslims.
Sheikh Abu Hurairahstressed over the need of unity as we can cope with the menace or extremism and terrorism with the unity. He stated that religion Islamemphasizes over peace and tolerance.
Sheikh Abu Hurairahopenly condemned the terrorists who are spoiling peace of our country through bomb and suicide attacks and creating sectarian differences amongst different sects of Muslims.He requested to put all sincere efforts in this movement to make it successful and appreciated the presence of the Ulema of different sects in the forum.
Mr. ShafqatBuhkarhi, a producer of the FM Radio expressed his joy towards on the start of Rwadari Tehreek and on behalf of Jazba (FM 98.6) offered his companionship for Rwadari Tehreek.
Ms. Shahana Abbas Shani(President of Tahafuz e KhawajaSira Punjab and General Secretary of Muzaffargarh Civil Society Network) emphasized on the need of dialogue between different sects of Muslims for the promotion of peace, tolerance and Rawadari.
Rana Muhammad Afzal (Scholar and Chief Organizer MutahidahUlemaMashaaikhAman Committee Muzaffargarh) narrated that Rwadari is the most neglected issue in our society. Therefore Rwadari Tehreek is a good step and we support it fully. 
Allama Syed Abdul Maabud Azad, Mr. Rasheed Ahmad Khan Sherwani, Mr. Tariq Mehboob Advocate, Syed M HussainAsadi from KotAddu and MaulanEhsan Ali Ittehadi(Vice Chairman QaumiAman Committee)from KotAddu also expressed their valuable views.
In the end of seminar following was elected as the leadership of Rwadari Tehreek in district Muzaffargarh:

  • Allama Syed Abdul Maabud Azad                             Patron
  • OmeKalsoomSeyal                                                    President
  • Shahina Abbas Shani                                                  Vice President
  • IrfanSagar                                                                  District Coordinator


Launching Ceremony of Rwadari Tehreekin Sukkur
Rwadari Tehreek was launched inSukkur on 19th September, 2015 at Dargah of BedilBekus which was organized in collaboration with the PEHAL-Pakistan. 
The chief guest of the ceremony were Mr. AyazGul(Writer and Poet), Mr. MumtazBukhari (Bureau chief KTN News), Mr. DeewanChawla (MPA, Sindh Assembly), Ms. Saima Ali (Chairperson HSF, Multan), Mr. Munir Bashir (Priest Christian Church), Mr. GhulamMurtazaGhanghro (Political leader PPP) and Mr. Muhammad Najaf Qureshi (Caretaker of DargahBedilBekus).
Mr. Deedar Ahmed Mirani hosted the ceremony. The ceremony included ribbon cutting ceremony, sharing of views of the guests, poetry and folk music.. Following are some of the views shared by the guests:
Mr. AyazGul(Writer and Poet) said that “it has been a pleasure to be a part of something which I am personally struggling to work. It is our society that needs such initiatives to keep this in mind that we are a nation and we need to live with brotherhood.”
Mr. MumtazBukhari (Bureau chief KTN News) said that “the message of Rwadari Tehreek is definitely worth spreading. This is the duty of every citizen to promote peace to have a prosperous society and media can do a lot in spreading this word.”
Mr. DeewanChawla (MPA, Sindh Assembly) said that “I appreciate this step towards peaceful co-existence. It is very important to make people realize the fact that every citizen of Pakistan whether it is Christian, Hindu, Muslim, all have equal rights and deserve equal treatment. So, the people should forget all the biases and hatred and accept each other as a human being.”
Ms. Saima Ali (Chairperson HSF, Multan) said that “Rwadari Tehreek is a movement of the people and we all own it. So, it is important for all of us to play our role in promoting its message. There is nothing more powerful than love and every religion teaches it. It is for us to understand its importance.”
Mr. Muhammad Najaf Qureshi (caretaker DargahBedilBekus) said that“I am honored and glad that the Rwadari Tehreek has been launched in such a neutral place. This Dargah is a symbol of peace and harmony which is exactly the message of this Tehreek. I am please and would like to appreciate the efforts being done to revive the teachings of Sufis.”
The ceremony ended on the note that peace is possible only if respect is given to all and every individual is accepted as a human being.