Rally “Long Live Democracy – Long Live Pakistan”

"Long Live Democracy and Long Live Pakistan” Rally was organized in front of Multan Press Club Multan on October 20, 2014 under the auspices of Centre for Human Rights Education and Democracy Support Council- South Punjab.  

Approximately 120 human rights defenders who had gathered in Multan from different parts of Pakistan participated in the rally and chanted slogans in favour of democracy, human rights, peace and tolerance.

The participants were also carrying Play-cards demanding different steps required to strengthen democracy in the country such as the demand for local bodies elections, electoral reforms, and ensuring the peoples rights. 

A large number of persons with disabilities also joined on their wheelchairs to express their support for democracy and human rights.
Professor Hafeez Kumbher, and Mr. Samson Salamat, Director Centre for Human Rights Education addressed the participants of the rally.

Professor Hafeez Kumbher while addressing the participants said that “we the human rights defenders and democracy campaigners gathered from different parts of Pakistan stand united for protecting democracy in the country because the better future of Pakistan is linked with a strong democratic system”.

Mr. Samson Salamat said that it is true that democracy need to be strengthened more and more in the country and the civil society needs to play its role more proactively.  
At this occasion Mr. Samson Salamat especially focused on the importance of local bodies system for strengthening democracy in the country and demanded that the local bodies elections should be announced immediately. Because this will help transferring power to the people at the grass roots and solve their day to day issues.