Peace Rally and Imam Bargah Maula visit Shikarpur

Members of Rwadari Caravan along with the local civil society marched in the streets of Shikarpur to express solidarity with the victims of bomb blast in the Imam Bargah on 30th January 2015 and to denounce religious extremism and terrorism. The peace march was led by Mr. Samson Salamat (Chief Organizer Rwadari Caravan & Director of Centre for Human Rights Education Pakistan)
and   Deedar   Ahmed   Mirani      (CEO   PAHEL-Pakistan) The Participants of the march chanted slogans against  terrorism  and  for  peace  and  reached Imam Bargah where that horrific blast occurred. The Caravan members express solidarity with the leadership of  Shia Community and offered special prayer for the martyrs of terrorist attack.