3rd Participatory Course on Peace and Tolerance


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Centre for Human Rights Education (CHRE)-Pakistan is pleased to announce and invite the applications for 3rdAnnual“Participatory Course on Peace and Tolerance (PCPT)” to be held from October 20-29, 2016 at Dar-ul-Mussarat Training Institute- Lahore.

Participatory Course on Peace and Tolerance has been designed to strengthen concepts of non-violence, religious tolerance and respect of diversity including religious diversity in a multi-religious society for a peaceful co-existence, expose the participants to history of Non-violent movements and International Standards for peace and conflicts resolution, promote volunteerism among youth and skill development to promote non-violence, religious tolerance and respect of diversity in the society through peaceful ways and means.

Participatory Course on Peace and Tolerance shall consist of participatory techniques and methods which shall provide an opportunity to learn by doing, to interact and develop networking with people belonging to different faiths and from different parts of the country. It also provides an opportunity to learn different ways and forums to highlight different social issues, helps to practice the values and respect of human beings and provides the opportunity to learn from renowned experts and practitioners.

Last date for submitting application is September 20, 2016 meanwhile the candidates are encouraged to send their complete applications immediately to avoid the last moment tribulations.

Centre for Human Rights Education-Pakistan (CHRE) is Pakistan based nonprofit, non-governmental and non-political organization established and run by human rights educators and human rights defenders to strengthen human rights through educational programs, advocacy and awareness raising initiatives. Established in 2010 CHRE supports human rights education, training of human rights defenders, civil society groups, government institutions, the development of educational materials and advocacy initiatives to advance the protection and promotion of human rights.