PCDHR 2 (2011-2012)

The 2nd “Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights” (Module 1)was held on September 10-19, 2011 at Dar-ul-Massarat Training Centre Lahore underthe auspices of Centre for Human Rights Education-Pakistan with the financial supportof National Endowment for Democracy. 

In response to the call for applications for the 2nd PCDHR, Centre for Human RightsEducation received 170 applications, however according to the policy the SelectionCommittee of CHRE selected 30 candidates to participate but 2 candidates were notable to participate due to some emergency circumstances.   Finally, 28 participants including Human Rights Defenders/Educators, universitystudents and officials of state institutions from different areas of Punjab, Sindh,Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan and Afghanistan attended thetraining program.
PCDHR is a three week course and is the Core initiatives of CHRE programming.PCDHR puts a strong emphasis on transfer of learning and on follow-up activitiesand participants are required to develop an individual plan to ensure that learningsare put into practice.PCDHR is designed for human rights defenders and educators working with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), andthe students of the Social Science Departments (Sociology, Political Science, GenderStudies, International Relations, Mass Communications etc.), the officials of differentstate institutions, media and the political groups. 
The Course is conducted in participatory methodology to enhance theunderstanding of the participants on the concepts of democracy and human rightsand to enhance their skills to work effectively as human rights defenders. 


  • Provide in depth knowledge to enhance conceptual clarity on human rights and democracy.   
  • Encourage the development of skills, and the formulation and application of policies, necessary to transform that information into practical professional behavior.
  • Sensitize participants to their particular role in protecting and promoting democracy and human rights.
  • Build partnerships and networking among the participants and their organizations. 
  • Plan and strategize for putting the participants’ learnings into practice throughresearch and advocacy initiatives.

PCDHR scheme

  • First Module of the Course (held on September 10- 19, 2011)
  • Implementation of the Individual Plans- October-December 2010 (PCDHR puts a strong emphasis on transfer of learning and on follow-up activities and therefore all the trainees had developed an individual plan and organized variety of activities to ensure that learnings are put into practice.)
  • Second Module of the Course (January 2012).
  • Implementation of the Individual Plans- February-May 2012 (CHRE shall provide small grants to its Alumni to puts a strong emphasis on transfer of learning and on follow-up activities and therefore all the Alumni had developed an individual plan.)

Course Contents


Facilitators/ Resource Person

Human Rights Concepts and Principles

Mr. Samson Salamat

Human Rights in Pakistani Society (Situational Analysis)
  • Political instability
  • Economic disparity 
  • Religious intolerance & extremism
  • Gender Inequality & violence against women


Mr. Suhail Warraich
Ms. Bushra Khaliq
Ms. Saeeda Diep
Ms. Munaza Hashmi

Exposure visits to assess human rights situation

  • Special Children
  • Dar-ul-Aman(Shelter Home)
  • Home based workers (women)
  • Members of the Hindu communities
  • Fruit and Vegetable Market
  • Sanitary Workers
  • Sewer-men


Promotion human rights through performing art

Mr. Zahid Rehman

International Human Rights Standards and Mechanisms

(Building a Culture of Human Rights)

Mr. Samson Salamat

Vigil: Tribute to those who struggled for democracy

CHRE Staff & PCDHR Participants

Democracy and its prinicples

Professor Hafeez Khumber


(Democratic Culture in Pakistan:

Role of the Political Parties)

Mr. Mobin-u-Din Qazi (MQM)

Admiral  Javed Iqbal (PTI) 

Sardar Abid Nakai (PML-Q)

Dr. Hasnat Ahmed (PPP)

Mr. Tahir Naveed (APMA)

What is Democratic Governance?

Dealing with the misconceptions about democracy

What is Democratic culture? 

Applying democracy in our lifestyle

Professor Hafeez Khumber

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy tools

Designing an advocacy campaign

Mr. Hameed Gondal 

Demonstration “say yes to human rights”

CHRE Staff & PCDHR Participants

Proposal Writing

Ms. Uzma Zarrin

Effective planning, organizing and report writing

Ms. Shazia Shaheen

Individual Plan’s formation (Putting Learnings into Practice)

Mr. Samson Salamat


  1. Mr. Samson Salamat-Director Centre for Human Rights Education
  2. Ms. Munaza Hashmi-Consultant Centre for Human Rights Education
  3. Professor Hafeez Khumber-Professor of English Literature, History & Philosophy at Government Muslim Degree Science College- Hyderabad 
  4. Ms. Uzma Zarrin-Project Coordinator Oxfam-GB Islamabad
  5. Mr. Hameed Gondal-Project Coordinator, South Asia Partnership-Lahore
  6. Ms. Shazia Shaheen-Project Coordinator, Simorgh Women Resource Centre-Lahore
  7. Mr. Zahid Rehman-Director Taraqee Theatre for Social Change-Lahore

Resource Persons

  1. Mr. Sohail Warraich-Journalist and Anchor Person, Geo TV
  2. Ms. Saeeda Diep, Chairperson- Institute for Peace and Secular Studies
  3. Ms. Bushra Khaliq, Executive Director of WISE
  4. Mr. Mobin-u-Din Qazi, Zonal Incharge- Mutehida Qaumi Movement (MQM)
  5. Mr. Javed Iqbal, Vice President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  
  6. Mr. Sardar Abid Nakai, Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
  7. Dr. Hasnat Ahmed-Additional General Secretary, Pakistan Peoples Party
  8. Mr. Tahir Naveed –Member Provincial Assembly, All Pakistan Minority Alliance


Mr. William Basharat- Chairperson CHRE

Mr. Ashar Javed (Member Board of Directors of CHRE)

Mr. Sajid Gulzar (Director Association for Human Development)

Key Events during PCDHR
Exposure Visits 
The participants of PCDHR made exposure visits on September 13, 2011 to assesshuman right situations in Pakistan

Special Children (Dar-ul-Massarat)  Dar-ul-Aman(Shelter Home) 
Home based workers (Women)
Members of the Hindu communities 
Fruit and Vegetable Market
Sanitary Workers 
Sewer man


Tribute to those who Struggled for Democracy

Centre for Human Rights Education and the participants of the Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights held a Candle Light Vigil to “Pay Tribute to those who struggled for Democracy” in connection with International Democracy Day on September 14, 2011 at Chairing Cross in front Punjab Assembly Lahore. Tribute paid to following icons

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Ms. Benazir Bhutto Mr. Salmaan Taseer
Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti Mr. Faiz Ahmed Faiz Mr. Habib Jalib
Ms. Tahira Mazhar Ali Mr. Abid Hassan Minto Mr. Javed Hashmi
Mr. Wajahat Masood Professor Rasool Buksh Rais Ms. Sherry Rehman
Mr. Rashed Rahman Ms. Mehmal Sarfraz 


The participants of the candle light vigil reiterated loudly their belief on democracy and resolved that democracy is essential for a prosperous and human rights friendly Pakistan.    


Democratic Culture in Pakistan: Role of the Political Parties
Centre for Human Rights Education organized a Seminar on Democratic Culture in Pakistan: Role of the Political Parties to observe International Democracy Day on September 15, 2011 at Lahore. The seminar was the part of Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights (PCDHR) held on September 10-19, 2011 at Lahore.

The seminar aimed to bring together the representatives of Pakistan’s political parties before the public and present their party position on that subject. The seminar participated by the participants of PCDHR, members of civil society, students and political workers.

Professor Hafeez Khumber chaired the seminar and Mr. Samson Salamat Director CHRE opened the discussion and explained the role of the political parties in the promotion of democratic culture vis a vis ground realities in Pakistan’s politics while the representatives of different political parties presented their party position on that subject. The speakers included Admiral (Rtd) Javed Iqbal (Vice President-Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf), Sardar Abid Nakai (Pakistan Muslim League-Q), Mr. Mubeen-ud-Qazi (Zonal Incharge-Mutehida Qaumi Movement), Dr. Hasnat Ahmed (Additional General Secretary-Pakistan Peoples Party) and Mr. Tahir Naveed MPA (All Pakistan Minority Alliance).

The trainees of the PCDHR and other participants of the forum asked different questions from the speakers related to role of the political parties for the promotion of democratic culture in Pakistan.


Say YES to Human Rights

Centre for Human Rights Education along with its participants of 2nd Annual Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights from different areas of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan gathered in front of Lahore Press Club for demonstration “Say YES to Human Rights” on September 17, 2011.

The participants raised a wide range of human rights including the rights of women, children, laborers in the fruit and vegetable market, sanitary workers and sewer men, and the rights of religious minorities.

The participants expressed their concern over the deteriorating situation of human rights and demanded that….    

  • The government and the state institutions should fulfill its responsibilities and ensure the protection, provision and promotion of human rights irrespective of sex, age, color, race, religion and language.
  • Special measures should be taken to uplift the disadvantaged segments of the society including children, women and religious minorities which suffer due to wide range of discrimination and violence.
  • Government should take concrete measure to stop religious extremism and the elements spreading hatred should be treated as per law.

    Participants Profile

    Sr. #






    Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Mirani


    Pakistan Fisher  Folk Forum


    Ms. Naseem Hassan

    Shaheed Benazir Abad

    Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Centre for Women


    Mr. Muhammad Usman


    Society for Social Advancement moderation and justice


    Ms. Aini Tahir

    Naushero Feroze

    Sindhica Women Empowerment Organization


    Mr. Imdad Ali


    Sustainable Development Foundation


    Mr. Nadir Khan Behrani


    Right to Play


    Ms. Sameena Waheed

    Guddu Barrage

    National Development Organization


    Mr. Santosh Kumar


    Skill Enhancing & Research Home of the Children



    Mr. Tariq Ismail


    Fazal Rural Development organization


    Mr. Laiq Ahmad Bilal


    Ahmadiyya-Foreign Missions office-RABWAH


    Mr. Naeem Gulzar


    Humanity First Foundation


    Mr. Zaheer- ullah- Mehr


    Student-Sargodha University


    Ms. Riffat Rani


    Star Welfare Organization


    Ms. Saima Ali


    Kehkashan Development Organization


    Mr. Imran Maqsood


    Mutual Development and Reconciliation in Society


    Mr. Shafqat Emmanuel


    Catholic Youth Ministry Lahore


    Mr. Shahid Hussain


    Damaan Women Development Foundation


    Ms. Neha Riaz Khan


    Student-Punjab University


    Mr. Waseem Ghouri


    Simorgh Women Resource Centre


    Mr. Suba Suroya


    Lawyer-Lahore High Court

    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


    Mr. Syed Inam-ul-haq

    Dir Lower

    Mercy Hands


    Ms. Sana Iqbal


    Empower Pak


    Mr. Adnan Rafique


    Human Rights Forum



    Mr. Mir Ahmed Sami


    Azat Foundation Balochistan


    Mr. Abdul-Rehman


    Alfalah organization

    Gilgit Baltistan


    Mr. Javed Hussain


    Awareness Program for Human Rights



    Ms. Fareeha Niazi


    National Commission on the Status of Women



    Mr. Zabiullah


    Equal Access Afghanistan