In order to respond to the growing trends of religious extreimims and intolerance in the Pakistani society CHRE initiated OATH FOR PEACE CAMPAIGN to reach to the communities, especially the students and teachers in the educational institutions to get their pledges against religious extremism and intolerance and in favour of respect of all human beings and rspeect of religious and all types of diversity in the society

Paricipants of PCPT, CHRE Alumni and member organizations are visiting different places especially educational institutions to take Peace oath and get it signed by the students and teachers who are the main focus because most of the militant outfits brainwash and recruit young students for their terrorist acts, therefore it is important to cut their supply line and this is why CHRE has opted to reach to the educational institutions


Mr. Jalal Sherazi from Abbotabad- KPK is regularly and actively reaching to different educational institutions for Peace Oath Campaign. Jalal Sherazi has reached to approximately 2500 students in different schools and colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where the students and teachers pledged for peace and tolerance.

 Following is the lists of the schools Jalal Sherazi had visited for Peace Oath Campaign

Institution Name


Primary School Saidan Banda


Frontier Medical College


Ayub Medical College Abbottabad


Comset Abotabad Campus


Muslim College


Wisdom Public School and College


University of Engineering and Technology


Government Post Graduate College No.1


Ms. Seema Rana Maheshwary, a PCPT participant belonging to Hindu Community from Karachi has been to different schools in Karachi for Peace Oath and got oath from 169 students and 12 Teachers.

The students were also introduced to Universal Declaration of Human Rights to highlight the importance and understanding of Human Rights and to motivate students to respect all human being regardless of color, cast, creed, sex or any sort of discrimination.

Following is the lists of the schools Seema Rana had visited for Peace Oath Campaign

School Name

Area and City

CPLC Public School

Gulbahar Karachi

New Ittehad Public Secondary School

Ittehad Karachi Town

Mass. Communication Department

Urdu Wafaqi University Karachi

New Laarib Public Secondary School

Baldia Town

Miss Sania Rasheed, CHRE Alumni from Ghotki- Sindh got Oath from approximately 500 boys and girls student including teachers during the school assembly time at Islmia Public Higher Secondary School- Ghotki.
Mr. Rizwan Shaukata PCPT participant from district Khanewal also got Peace Oath from 60 students of Class 9th and 10th at Government Boys High School- Khanewal.
Ms.Tamsila Ali, a PCPT participant from Nawabshah- Sindh visited two schools and took oath from 100 girl students and teachers at Government Girls Primary School and Government  Girls Middle School, Manhora district Nawabshah.
Mr. Khushal Khan, PCPT participant from Swat-KPK also took oath from 60 of University students in Swat.
CHRE members Zahid Bhangar from Ghotki, Gul Jumani from Khairpur Miras, Rehan Zaib from Low Dir, and Sadia Rafique from ShakarGarh also visited communities, students and teachers for Peace Oath.
CHRE Team members in Lahore Mr. Samson Salamat, Mr. Adoo Ram and Ms. Weeda Kharaalso visited school and college and took Oath for peace from around about200 Students and teachers at The House of Childern School- Lahore and Poly Technical College- Kasur and The Ace International School System- Multan with the coordination of Democracy Support Council- Multan and  Association of Private Schools- Lahore.

Peace Oath Campaign with Prominent Personalities
CHRE team has reached to the prominent members of Civil Society, Parliamentarians, Students, and Religious Leaders who joined CHRE's Oath for Peace Campaign by signing oath for peace.


Peace and Tolerance Campaign on Social Media
CHRE’s Campaign for Peace and Tolerance has been active on Social Media and is followed by thousands of followers of CHRE’s official page.

The recommendations of Charter of Demand for Peace and Tolerance are designed and shared on weekly basis while Oath for Peace Campaign is also adverstized on regular basis to reach to the maximum audience.


Peace and Tolerance Campaign through SMS

CHRE continues to use mobile SMS service for promoting peace and tolerance. Thousands of men and women are on the list of CHRE’s SMS services who received these message and further forwarded.