Meeting with CHRE Members in KPK
On 14th of January 2015 Center for Human Rights Organization (CHRE) had a meeting with its members from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) This meeting was chaired by Samson Salamat, Director CHRE. The agenda of this Meeting was:

  • To assess situation of Peshawar after attack on Army Public School Peshawar.
  • To discuss formation of (volunteer group) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Aman (Peace) Council in KPK & training of this formed group.
  • To work for human rights, peace and tolerance in future in KPK.

The meeting started with the discussion on Peshawar attack on Army Public School. Participants shared the details of the incident and the fearful and tense atmosphere of Peshawar especially after this attack. It was discussed that Peshawar is not an easy place for Civil Society. It is not an easy task to go out and speak openly about human rights or peace or democracy, as these all terms are considered anti Islam by the militant groups who are very active in this city. Therefore it would be a great task for the members of Centre for Human Right Education to speak out.
Centre for Human Rights Education took following decisions:

  • To expedite efforts of peace in KPK it was decided to form a KPK Aman (Peace) Council and the members decided to begin membership campaign.  
  • KPK Peace Council would consist of energetic youth having motive who are ready   to take bold step for raising awareness in favour of peace and tolerance.

Centre for Human Rights Education appealed its members for complete cooperation as KPK, especially Peshawar is the worst target and victim of terrorism in Pakistan.
Following are the details of proposed KPK Aman Council
Centre for Huma Rights Education- Pakistan in consultation with its members in KPK hs proposed to forming KPK Aman Council to promote peace and tolerance in KPK and build public opinion against religious extremism and terrorism which has paralyzed KPK the most.
Following are specific objectives of the Councils:

  • Formation of Groups of Youth to expand the scope for the protection and promotion of peace and tolerance in the society.
  • building capacity in conflict prevention and conflict management and to enhance their conceptual clarity, knowledge and skills to work as supporters of peace.
  • Training of the members of KPK Aman Council and strengthening of the network of CHRE Alumni and provide an opportunity to establish and run group of youth.
  • creating new models in the civil society of Pakistan, where youth can establish, run and strengthen their own groups with maximum application of the values of interfaith harmony.


Formation of Councils:
Council shall have 30 to 40 members irrespective of any gender, religion, cast and language but preferably youth. CHRE Alumni shall supervise the membership process in their respective regions.
Membership Criteria:

  • He/she should support mission and strategic directions of the K.P.K Aman Council
  • He/she should have at least intermediate qualification
  • He/she must be young and should be committed to serious work for human rights, religious tolerance and interfaith harmony.
  • He/she should agree to actively participate in the activities of K.P.K Aman council  

Capacity building of Council Members:
Once the member of the council shall be finalized, a basic training for the members of the Council shall be organized by CHRE training team.
KPK Aman Council’s Initiatives:
KPK Aman Council shall make a plan of at least of six months which shall consist of advocacy and awareness raising initiatives on the following themes:

  • Safeguarding religious tolerance and social harmony.
  • Protection and promotion of Human Rights
  • Promotion of peace and tolerance in the society.

Financial Resources:

CHRE shall technically and financially support the Council and explore further opportunities for the sustainability of the Council.