Peace Conference in Gujranwala

A Peace Conference was held in Gujranwala which was participated by approximately 170 male and female from different walks of life. Mr. Rashid Bashir Chatha, the Alumni of CHRE and head of Al-Rehmat Welfare Organziation- Gujranwala in his inaugural speech welcomed the members of Rwadari Caravan.
Mr. Samson Salamat, the director of CHRE said that “since almost last 3 decades Pakistan has been under attack of religious based violence. In early 40 to 50 years we were generally living a peaceful society then what has  happened  suddenly?  Having  Pakistan’s  current situation in mind, I would suggest that the teachings of Sufi saints can be helpful to counter the religious extremism and religious intolerance. If we would try, we can still live in peace by living in religious tolerance.”
Mr. Salman Abid said that “to save Pakistan and for the implementation of justice in society we need to choose the way of peace. Lack of justice and intolerance are weakening Pakistan. We need to leave the culture of violence and embrace the culture of non-violence.”

Hafiz Irfan said that “We should work together for religious tolerance and to promote peace. If we would overcome religious based violence then whole world would say that Pakistan is a society of peace and tolerance.”

The other speakers who spoke at this occasion included Mr. Haji Abdul Rauf, Mr. Muhammad Israel Advocate, Mr. Khurram Shahzad, Mr. Mushtaq Badal, Ms. Seema Maheshwary, Mr. Komal Patras and Mr. Zahid Mumtaz Advocate.
Oath for Peace Ceremony was performed at the end of Peace Conference and all the participants pledged support and promote religious tolerance.