Goodwill Exchange Visit during Rwadari Carvan

A) Visit of St. Mary’s Church- Sukkur
On 11th March Father Yaqoob Gill and Sister Rozy FMCK welcomed the members of Rwadari Caravan and briefed about the history of the Church and the issues faced by the Christian Community. Fr. Yaqoob also explained about the attack in 2004 on St. Marry Church on the allegation of blasphemy which saddened the members of the Caravan.
Mr. Samson Salamat said that “it is the need of the hour to promote tolerance and the values of respecting each other’s faith”.
At this occasion Oath for Peace ceremony was also conducted and Mr. Samson Salamat took oath from the students and teachers of St. Marry school which was attended by approximately 150 students and teachers.
In the end Father Yaqoob Gill thanked and appreciated the Caravan participants and said that we have to eliminate terrorism with joint effort.

b) Visit of Sadh Bello, an old Hindu temple in Sukkur
Rwadari Caravan visited Sadh Bello Temple, a historic Hindu Temple situated in the middle of river Indus at Sukkur. Pandit Rajesh, the care-taker of the temple welcomed  the  members  of  Rwadari  Caravan  and briefed the history of the temple. In   the   end,   Mr.   Samson   Salamat   thanked   the administration of the temple for their cooperation and for allowing the visit.

c) Visit of the Imam Bargah in Sukkur
Rwadari Caravan visited one of the oldest Imam Bargah (a religious place of the Shia Muslims) Karblah Maula to express solidarity with the Shia community who  is constantly targeted in Pakistan due to their faith.
Syed  Imdad  Ali  Shah,  the  care-taker  of  the  Imam
Bargah welcomed the members of Rwadari Caravan and briefed about the history of Imam Bargah and the challenges faced by Shia Muslims.

d) visit of Sufi Shrine of Bedal Bekus
Rwadari Caravan visited the Sufi Shrine of Bedil Bekus. The care-taker of the shrine warmly welcomed the members and arranged a Mehfil of Sufi music which promoted the message of respect of diversity without any discrimination.