Transition of Power in May 2013 through a democratic process is a remarkable achievement for democratic development in Pakistan, a first ever transition of power made according to the constitutional and through a democratic process.
However, there is a long way to go to strengthen the roots of democracy in Pakistan according to its principles- equality, non-discrimination, rule of law etc. which is the only way forward for a prosperous and progressive Pakistan.

In order to support the democratic system and strengthen the roots of democracy in the country, Centre for Human Rights Education (CHRE)-Pakistan envisions establishing “Democracy Support Councils” (DSP), preliminary on pilot basis.     

Following are specific objectives of the Councils:

  • Formation of Groups of Youth to expand the scope for the protection and promotion of democracy based on its Principles.  
  • Training of the members of Democracy Support Councils to enhance their conceptual clarity, knowledge and skills to work as to work as supporters of democracy.
  • Strengthening of the network of CHRE Alumni and provide an opportunity to establish and run group of youth.  
  • Create new models in the civil society of Pakistan, where youth can establish, run and strengthen their own groups with maximum application of democratic values and norms.

Formation of Councils………….

Each Council shall have 25 to 30 members irrespective of any gender, religion, cast and language but preferably youth. CHRE Alumni shall supervise the membership process in their respective regions. On pilot basis CHRE shall form DSC in Lahore, Multan, Hyderabad and Sukker.


  • support mission and strategic directions of the Democracy Support Council
  • Person at least must have intermediate qualification  
  • Person must be young and has Committed to seriously work for human rights, democracy, religious tolerance
  • Agree to actively participate in the activities of democracy supports council  

CHRE office shall serve as the Secretariat for “Democracy Support Councils”.


Capacity building of Council Members:
Once the member of the council shall be finalized, a basic training for the members of the Council shall be organized by CHRE training team. 
Democracy Support Council’s Initiatives
Democracy Support Council shall make a plan of at least of six months which shall consist of advocacy and awareness raising initiatives on the following themes:

  • Democratic Development
  • Protection and promotion of Human Rights
  • Safeguarding religious tolerance and social harmony Peace Promotion


Financial Resources
CHRE shall technically and financially support the Council and explore further opportunities for the sustainability of the Councils.