Democracy Festival in Hyderabad

Centre for Human Rights Education- Pakistan holds Democracy Festival on the International Human Rights Day at Hyderabad on 10th December 2013 in collaboration with 22 civil society organizations of different parts of the Sindh Province of Pakistan to mark the International Human Rights Day.

The Festival was on the theme “Non-Discrimination as The Basic Principle of Democracy” which was participated by approximately 500 men and women particularly by the CHRE members and its Democracy Support Councils. 

Renowned Human Rights Defenders, Writers, Intellectuals and Political Leaders were among the speakers and guests including Mr. Jami Chandio (Executive Director Centre for Peace and Civil Society), Mr. Ayaz Latif Paleejo (President Awami Tehrik), Ms. Amar Sindhu (Educationist & Human Rights Activist), Mr. Khalique Junejo (Chairman, Jeay Sindh Mahaz) Mr. Hafeez Kumbhar (Educationist, Writer and Human Rights Defender), Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Baloch (Regional Head- Strengthening Participatory Organization), Mr. Noor Bajeer (Executive Director CSSP), Dr. Fauzia Hameed (Social Activist) Mr. Daleep Daultani (Chairman- Pakistan Hindu Panchayat), Mr. Veer Ji Kohli (Director- DAMAAN) and Dr. Daniel Fiaz (Vicar, Church of Pakistan- Hyderabad), 

Mr. Samson Salamat in his opening remarks welcomed all the participants and paid tribute to those who have made contributions for the protection and promotion of democracy in the country.

Mr. Samson Salamat said that the roots of democracy have strengthened in the country, and the participation of the people in the last general elections and the peaceful transfer of power are the strong indicators for the democratic system. 

Now! It is time for for the political forces to understand and educate people that democracy is not ‘Just” the elections and the formation of the parliament and it is essential for the elected government to follow democratic norms and values and fulfill its duties and take concrete steps for the protection of the rights of all the citizens on the basis of the principles of democracy-equality, non-discrimination, rule of law, and respect of diversity, which is ultimate result of any democratic system.

Therefore in order to attain the benefits of the democratic system, it is important for the government and the state machinery to take concrete steps to weed out all the laws, policies, which are discriminatory in nature and are harming the weaker segments of the society. 

Keynote Speaker Mr. Jami Chandio delivered lecture on the importance of the “Non-Discrimination as the basic principles of democracy and challenges to non-discrimination in the context of Pakistan. 

The speakers of Panel Discussion emphasized that continuity of the democratic system is important for a better Pakistan, however it is duty of the elected government to adopt the policy to ensure that there is no discrimination in the country and people are treated equally without any discrimination on the basis of cast, colour or creed because this is the way to move forward in the present world.

During the Festival CHRE team members performed on a motivational song “Meray Sapno Ko Janany ka Haq Hai” which voices the rights of the citizens while a social theatre group performed a theatre to highlight the importance of non-discrimination and challenges in the country. The sufi music was also presented by renowned local singer Mr. Mazhar Hussain at this occasion.

The students of the colleges and universities contested in the “Speech Competition” and winner of the competition were awarded with a certificate and winning shield while different organizations displayed their products and publication in the Festival.