The  members  of  Caravan  gathered  at  Dar-ul-Musarat,  Lahore  and  left  for  Gujranwala  early morning on 5th May 2015.
Rwadari Caravan reached at Kamonki at 10:30am and was given a warm welcome and reception by “Awaz  Tahsil  Forum,  Kamonki”.  Members  of Caravan  were  holding banners  and  placards,
having the message of peace and tolerance written on them. Media covered the reception.
Mr. Samson Salamat and Salman Abid addressed the gathering and delivered the message of peace and tolerance and having Pakistan’s current unstable violent situation in mind, described the importance of religious tolerance.
Rwadari Caravan reached Gujranwala and was warmly welcomed in the leadership of Mr. Rashid Bashir Chatha and other prominent leaders of Gujranwala civil society.
On the way bikers escorted the Caravan with Rwadari flags placed on their bikes, having the message of peace and tolerance. Welcoming banners were displayed on the road sides throughout the city.
When the Caravan arrived at the Trust Plaza, in the courtyard of Trust Plaza, Caravan members were welcomed with garlands. Slogans were raised by Caravan members in favour of Religious Tolerance.