CHRE protests the Attack on APS- Peshawar
On 16th of December 2014 a protest was organized by Center for Human Rights Education its member organizations and other Civil Societies in Multan at Chock Nawan Sheher. This protest was against the killing of innocent school children in Army Public School of Peshawar. 

In this protest participants raised slogan against extremists and terrorists and demanded the Government to apprehend the culprits and bring them before justice. They also demanded that Government should ensure safety of its citizen as it has continusely been failed to do so. 
The participants held placards with following slogans:

  • No to Terrorism
  • No to Religious Extremism
  • No to bloodshed in the name of Religion
The protest was led by Director CHRE Samson Salamat, DSC Convener Saima Ali, and CHRE Members; Shahzad Murtaza, Ayesha Rasheed, Rana Irfan, Ashraf Qureshi, Shumaila Anjum of CPDI- Multan, and Mohammed Shahzad Khan and Sana Shahzad of Channan Development Association