Promoting equality, social justice, and respect for human dignity in Pakistan through human rights education.


We work to ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity and equal treatment without any discrimination.

Social Justice

Our approach for social development is through social justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.

Human Dignity

We practice and propagate the respect of human dignity to build a society where human beings possess and are respected simply because they are human beings.

CHRE is striving for the advancement of equality and respect for human dignity in Pakistan and around the world through human rights education programs, research and advocacy initiatives.

Building the capacity and understanding of the civil society groups, human rights defenders and the government institutions.

Enhancing the realization and understanding of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other human rights standards.

Research and Advocacy for the policy and legislative reforms for the protection and promotion of human rights.

Development of strategic alliances and partnerships with like-minded individual and civil society groups to carry forward its vision and mission.

Key Components of  our Trainings


Call for Application

The training programs are widely advertised to invite applications to ensure the participation of diverse candidates from remote areas and different religious communities.

Selection committee review all the applications and select 30 – 35 candidates for each training program.

Module I – Training

Module I of the training consist of inhouse sessions and field visits to access the human Rights situation of the marginalized communities and interaction with the political parties and government institutions.

Individual Plan Implementation

The participants of the trainings make an individual plan for putting their learnings into practice by designing advocacy and awareness raising activities in their respective areas.

Module II – Training

Module II is an opportunity for the participants to become facilitators and resource persons. They are assigned different topics for presentations to improve their skills and lead social action as leaders.


In the special ceremony at the end of each training, the participants are awarded with Training Completion Certificates and the status of CHRE Alumni.

Our Approach to Human Rights Education

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